Wigs for Women & Women’s Hair Replacement Services

At Creative Wigs & Hair Replacement, we proved wigs for women, and women’s hair replacement solutions for those struggling with hair loss problems. Our professionals will help you to find the perfect solution for your individual needs, at an affordable price.

Hair replacement is the modern term for wig or top piece, and refers to a more permanent attachment.

Extreme thinning of the front and top of a woman’s hair is called “male pattern baldness” . This can be addressed by adding a lightweight top piece that will blend in with the rest of the hair in color, texture, and length. These can be custom made but we do have wonderful in-stock pieces. They can be permanently attached or taped or clipped on for easy, daily removal.

No contracts are required. We have human hair and synthetic hair.

Creative Wigs offers:

  • Realistic and natural looking colors and styling.
  • Custom order or ready made.
  • Lace design makes the hairline invisible.
  • A complete line of cap styles, hair length and density affords flexible styling.
  • Thin and flexible bases with breath-ability and comfort.
  • Full head bonding or daily removal options
  • Complete line of styling and bonding products.
  • We clean, style, and repair all hair systems.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation. Walk-ins welcome.


Mono Top Piece Long










We have a Premier Stylist with years of training and experience.  is now available to cut in and reattach Men’s and Women’s Hair Replacement Systems. We have the systems you have come to love and our stylists will make sure you look so natural that no one will know you have one on. Our stylists are the best in the business. Call and ask for an appointment today!

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