Petite Wigs

At Creative Wigs & Hair Replacement, we offer a great variety of petite wigs to choose from. Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment with us for a fitting, or come see us at any of our convenient locations! Walk-in always welcome.

We understand that, when you look good, you often feel better as well. That’s why Creative Wigs Hair Replacement works so hard to provide beautiful wigs and hairpieces in a variety of styles and colors. We want you to look good and feel great whenever you want to.

Whether you need wigs and hairpieces specifically for hair replacement or just want something for an upcoming show, we’ve got want you need! With two stores in Salt Lake City, and South Jordan, we make it easy to get the wigs and hairpieces you want.

JR: Jon Renau G: Gabor R: Revlon ToB: Tony of Beverly

petite wigs Ultra Petite wig Creative Wigs & Hair Replacement

Ultra Petite Dot TOB

Ultra Petite Jen TOB

Ultra Petite Jen TOB

Acclaim G

Allure JR

Aspire G

Charm JR

Fina TOB

Gaiety G

Instinct G


Mia JR

Paula TOB

Perk G

Lily JR

Jazz JR

Simplicity JR


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